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October 1, 2022
Charis Journal

Not simply Kamala Harris, US President-elect Joe Biden also has family members in India

Mumbai: US President-elect Joe Biden during his outing to India in 2013 had told a crowd of people that he has some removed family members living in Mumbai.

Joe Biden emphasized his case again two years after the fact at a function in Washington, he said there are five Bidens living in Mumbai. The 77-year-old Democrat is set to make vow as the 46th US President in a little more than two months, and no one in Mumbai has gone up to guarantee that he is a relative of Joe Biden.

Joe Biden related that a few decades prior, not long after turning into a congressperson, he had gotten a letter from somebody in Mumbai by the last name of Biden. It was then that he learned of his “incredible, extraordinary, extraordinary, incredible, extraordinary granddad” who had worked in the East India Company.

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“There are five Bidens in Mumbai, India,” Biden had said. In 2013, when Biden went to Mumbai on his lady bad habit official outing to India, he talked about this letter he got when he turned into the representative unexpectedly a very long while back.

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